The surname Flecha

Although its origins were claimed from many places, data known to this day are clear: the first time that the surname Flecha appears is in Prades. The other prior hypotheses were based on one of these two errors: to place its origins in a date that is after the life of Mateo Flecha (not knowing his existence); or placing the origins of the Flecha surname in other surnames that could be similar, without any evidence of their relation (such as the English Fletcher). For instance, the hypothesis that the surname appeared in Puerto Rico as the evolution of that of a Spanish or Portuguese conqueror was refuted as there was none there before the birth of Flecha (1481). Another example, the hypothesis of Leon, is based on a knight named Frechilla and the supposition (without any evidence) that this surname evolved to Flecha; moreover, it seems that this knight established himself in a village in Palencia which is still called Frechilla.