Aim of this wordpress

The only goal is to promote the knowledge of the person, the work and the context of Mateo Flecha. His work is highly recognised in the international musical spheres. However, little is known from his life and his trajectory in his context. The same information –which is very little- is found everywhere. Still, what finally lead me to initiate this were the words of a very kind person in Prades in charge of giving me information about the village:

“You are the first person of many who come here that has asked me about Mateo Flecha, from whom I have sung salads at my choir, nobody did it before”.

Although I am myself a researcher, I am not specialised in this domain; I believe that there are people who can do it and who will do it much better than me. Therefore, I do not aim anything but to start this promotion which I will stop doing whenever other people and institutions continue with it,